The doves live at Swinton and fly free every day. They are trained by taking them on increasingly long journeys and released to fly back home. Our doves are registered with the performing animals act.

Dove Release available North Yorkshire & North East

Weddings - dove release


Special Occasions - dove release

The white dove birds are a beautiful addition to a wedding or marriage blessing, two birds are released, to signify a life together. They can be released from a decorative cage or from a basket that the children can open.

Wedding dove release

One to 20 doves can be released at once.

The white doves of Swinton are actually trained white homing pigeons as real doves do not have a homing instinct.

Dove release at your wedding

Hotel guests at Swinton Park are offered a reduced price.

Hotel guests only
01765 680900


Basket of doves can be provided to open any event with style. This provides a unique experience for spectators. The doves usually circle the crowds several times before returning home therefore allowing both children and adult alike to closely witness the beauty of  these birds.


Memorials - dove release

The doves are also available for release at funeral and memorial services to symbolise the releasing of the spirit. Traditionally three doves are used to commemorate the presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Doves at memorial service

Guide price of £100 per event plus traveling.

Please contact for details of bookings
01765 689425



Before you contact us about Dove release for your wedding or memorial first seek the consent of your church or wedding venue to avoid disappointment.

Wedding Celebrations with doves



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