Swinton Park            Birds Of Prey
Sophie Abbott

Falconry Events at Swinton Park 2015

 Photo with thanks to Jim Poyner Photography

 Photography Day  With Birds of Prey - 9th June 2015 

 This package allows individuals to come and join together on our photography sessions (groups will be no larger than 10 people).  Your day will include a range of birds of prey in natural settings inculding oppertunities to photograph some of them in flight (weather dependent), the day will be guided by Professional photographer Jed Wee MA ARPS  www.essence-of-light.com who will be available to anwser any questions you may have. 

Suitable for both professional and ameuters 

£85 pp including lunch at The Bivouac, Swinton 

Please visit the Photograhy Group Section of our website for more info and sample pictures 



 Hunter Gather Day - 

Thursday 13th August 2015

Spend a day in the parkland learning how to hunt with Birds of Prey and ferrets, forage for edible wild ingredients, and to build a fire and enjoy a delicious meal (using ingredients sourced from the day's hunting and foraging) which is served in the deerhouse. The day is spent with our falconer Sophie Abbott and wild food expert Chris Bax, and promises to appeal to anyone with an interest in countryside skills and who enjoys getting back to nature!

£95 per person