Swinton Park            Birds Of Prey
Sophie Abbott

TV / Film Work

All of the birds are also available for any TV or Film Work as well as photography sessions and painting sessions. 

Our most recent TV appearence was 'The Kids with No Memory' on channel 5, working with teenagers suffering form various forms of short term memory loss. Please see the below to watch the program 



We have so far been seen on 2011 'Britian's Best Dish the Chefs' should be on ITV 5pm in the coming weeks, look out for the North East Regionals

Look out for us soon on Yorkshire Telly.com

H the Harris Hawk is featured flying to the glove on the 'Welcome to Yorkshire' advertisements

We have lots of other animals available to TV/ Film work including horses (trained Western and Sidesaddle as well as English)

German Shorthaired Pointers and other working dogs

Baby rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters etc

Please Contact Us for anymore details / information


Other Media

We have been lucky enough to be featured in many publications below are some links from a small secetion we have been featured in please click the picture to show the article: